• CTC Transition Support Services  

    Transition Council Meetings

    CTC Building

    Join colleagues from across Van Buren County at monthly Transition Council Meetings for the latest news in transition related issues, services and programs. A stipend to cover subs is offered to all participants. For those unable to attend meetings, information will be sent via email to each district’s Transition Liaison.

    Request for Transition Support

    Complete a ROCS for personal assistance in developing effective transition IEPs, developing transition-focused academic programming, and to navigate post-secondary programming and support options.

    CTC Tours

    Visit the CTC at one of our scheduled tours to receive information about all of our classrooms, programs, and services. The tour also includes a FAQ session with the teaching team. Individual tours may also be scheduled.

    Request for Placement

    Complete a ROCS to request screening for an individual student to enroll at the CTC. Requests are accepted throughout the school year.


    VBISD Transition Support Contacts

    Transition Coordination

    The role of the Transition Coordinator has had significant revisions. Below is a list of the primary roles and the persons leading the charge.


    • Personal Curriculum– Dave Manson, Wendy Minor
    • MRS Support– Katy Holverstott, Melanie Giddings, in collaboration with Carrie Healy
    • Transition Council Meetings– Katy Holverstott, Melanie Giddings, CTC Teaching Team
    • Transition IEP Quality and Compliance– Wendy Minor, Special Education Supervisors
    • Requests for Transition Support– Melanie Giddings, CTC Teaching Team
    • Agency & Community Connections– Katy Holverstott, Melanie Giddings
    • Transition Assessment– Melanie Giddings, CTC Teaching Team
    • Carl D. Perkins Act– Andrea Robinson
    • EDP– Andrea Robinson