The Technology Services Helpdesk

  • Technology issues, requests, and problem reports are received through a dedicated helpdesk.

    How it works:

    Call, email us, or fill out our web form. If you call us, we will ask you for some information and try to help you fix the problem over the phone. If you email us or use the web form, we will call you back to try to help you fix the problem and get more information. If we can’t fix your problem over the phone, we will send someone to your location to help you.

    How to contact us:

    You may contact us by any one of the following options:

    Information we will need from you:

    • Your name (and/or the name of the person with the problem)
    • Your location (Building and room number)
    • Phone number
    • Detailed description of the problem

    Things to keep in mind:

    • Be prepared to have us ask you some questions
    • Be prepared to go through some troubleshooting steps
    • When possible, we will try to help you fix your problem first over the phone
    • We might remote-connect to your PC to troubleshoot
    • If you submitted an incident by email or the website form, we will call you back to troubleshoot the issue
    • If we cannot fix your problem when you call, we will assign the incident to someone and fix it as soon as possible, based on urgency and our current work schedule

    ·         Remember: Your issue will be resolved faster if you call or email us rather than knock on our door or stop us in the hallway.