Meet the Early Care and Education Staff

    • Lise Black, Administrator and Great Start Collaboration (GSC) Director
    • Teresa Klan, Program Supervisor
    • Denise Smith, Program Secretary

    Family Educators and their locations
    Family Educators are certified in Parents as Teachers curriculum and have offices within each community. Parents of children prenatal to school entry are encouraged to contact their local family educator to learn more about the full array of services available to them.

    Main Number
    Bangor Kevin Merrell  
    Bloomingdale/Pullman/Gobles Mary Potts 269-521-3956
    Covert    Ada Darling 269-764-3729
    Decatur Carole Leffler 269-423-6976
    Hartford Dee Dee Winchester 269-621-7321
    Lawrence Carole Leffler 269-423-6976
    Lawton Mary Rivas 269-624-7536
    Mattawan/Paw Paw Susan Curtis 269-668-3361 ext.1635
    South Haven Sonya DeVary
    PEP Services/DHS Nancy Hathaway 269-621-2924
    Program Supervisor Teresa Klan 269-539-5222
    Early Childhood Specialist Mechele Brower & Amy Beach 269-539-5202 / 269-539-5232
    Program Director Lise Black 269-539-5207
    Services are available in all school districts. Family educators may not have an office in the home district.