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 Van Buren Early College 
IMPORTANT!  As of March 31, 2015 the Van Buren Intermediate School District has applied to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to change the Van Buren Early College into an Early Middle College Program.  If approved by MDE this means that students who apply to our program would have the opportunity to earn two full years of college (Senior year and a 13th year), 60+ college credits, with no cost to their families!  Also, if approved we will be changing the name of our program from the Van Buren Early College to the Van Buren Middle College.  We expect to hear back from MDE sometime in June 2015.  Keep checking back for updates!

Are you:

  • Motivated
  • Ready for a challenge?
  • Looking for a new experience?
  • Eager to begin college?
Van Buren Early College Mission:
Through coordinated, rigorous, and accelerated educational and work experiences involving partnerships between high schools, career-technical education, and community colleges we will prepare students for rewarding careers.
Van Buren Early College Vision:
The Van Buren Early College provides an opportunity for students to complete their Michigan Merit Curriculum graduation requirements, while simultaneously gaining knowledge, skills, work experience and transferable credit, towards either a program certification, or major area of study.
Van Buren Early College History:
Coming soon!