Van Buren Technology Center


Are you:

  • Motivated?
  • Ready for a challenge?
  • Looking for a new experience?
  • Eager to begin college?
  • Interested in medicine and science?

Do you have an interest in:

  • Helping people with your knowledge?
  • Learning, exploring, and gaining an understanding?
  • Working on a team?

       Paul Mayuiers, Instructor

This two-year program provides students with an opportunity to complete their Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements and simultaneously earn college credits. The VBECHA program is designed to be a robust bridge between high school, college, and health care careers. The program provides students with rich college experiences and an unrivaled opportunity for hands-on learning at a local health care facility, such as South Haven Health System or within the Bronson Healthcare System. Students who successfully complete the VBECHA program will have a jumpstart on their college education and the path to their future.

Students enrolled in the VBECHA program will have the opportunity to earn approximately 35 college credits prior to high school graduation. During students’ junior year, college classes will be held at the Van Buren Technology Center during half of the school day. Students spend the other half of their school day at their local school district taking high school classes. During students’ senior year, one class will be taken at the local school district; all other classes will be held at either the Van Buren Technology Center, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, or Lake Michigan College.


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Gloria Jurado-Long, Mentor