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Commercial Art

Study the visuals arts as you create products
used in businesses today!
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Do you like to:
  • Draw or paint?
  • Use color?
  • Be creative using a computer?
  • Draw cartoons or caricatures of friends?
  • Lose track of time while working?
  Kimberly Wood, Instructor
Recent software developments allow individuals to create "Interactive Messages" which include spoken words, motion from video sources and animation, as well as traditional art and type-based documents. Learn traditional skills such as drawing and painting, as well as skills required for computer usage. Making messages is an art. Images may be created, scanned, organized, stored, and "published" using a computer. The artist’s "desktop" is being transformed into a digital desktop for "publishing." Self-motivation and discipline are important skills to have. Most career choices in this field require additional post-secondary education.

I like this class...

I love to draw and show people my ideas through my artwork.  The technology in this program is outstanding and this class has broadened my horizons to endless possibilities. The environment is comfortable and conducive to illustrators. Overall, it is awesome and I always have fun when I attend this class. 

Hannah, Dowagiac High School

I like this class...

The classroom has a great atmosphere.  Every day we get to express ourselves through art. The instructor is filled with enthusiasm and it's apparent that she loves art, which makes it quite enjoyable to work with her and other students. 

We are always busy bouncing from one creative project to the next. The class offers a nice balance between hands-on projects and those using computers programs.  Our day is filled with tasks to expand your mind as you try new techniques to come up with masterpieces.  These projects prepare students for the real world, in a real world job setting, which is vital in everyone's life.

Mandi, Mattawan High School


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  • Design Studio Assistant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Junior Art Director
  • Art Director
  • Computer Animator
  • Web Page Designer