Van Buren Technology Center

Auto BES

Study Automotive Systems!



Do you like to:
  • • Work with your hands?
  • • Fix things?
  • • Solve problems?
  • • Work with tools?
  • • Work on a team?
  • • Work on cars and trucks?
  • • Understand more about automobiles?



Jason Forler, Instructor

Learn about automobile engine construction, brakes technology, steering and suspension designs, from the textbook and lab. In our state-of-the-art auto shop, students work as a team with real customers’ vehicles to troubleshoot and repair problems. Students who successfully complete the program may be eligible to take the State of Michigan Automotive Technician Certification exams. College credit is also available to qualifying students.

I like this class...

This class is like having a job.  I get up and get to do what I like best...AUTOMOTIVE!   Everyone is really nice and this is a very professional and relaxed environment.  Even though the Tech Center is not focused upon "school spirit", it promotes togetherness/teamwork.  It 's 90% hands-on, so you are responsible for doing the repairs... without being told or waiting for someone else to do it for you. I have taken three Auto State Certifications, plus, I have learned about career preparation, such as: resumes, job shadowing, lab sheets and job training.

I like this class...

The teacher is great! Mr. Forler takes it slow and helps you to improve your automotive skills. I also like that it is a relaxed environment where you can wear hats and bring our own cars which helps you work. Also, it is mainly hands-on. We spend 20-40 minutes in the classroom and then the rest of the time is working in the shop.

-Matt, Gobles High School

Mike, Gobles High School

For current wage and salary projections related to specific jobs, please visit:

Rick Boze, Production Supervisor
Related Careers:
With further training, related careers include:
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Service Manager
  • Business Owner
  • Parts Retail
  • Automotive Specialist Technician
  • Master Technician