Van Buren Technology Center

Allied Health

Study Health Care Therapies!


    Do you like:

  • Caring for others?
  • Working on a team?
  • A flexible schedule?
  • A fast-paced work environment?
  • Physical activity?
  • Challenges and responsibilities?


         Paul Mayiers, Instructor

Get on track to an interesting career in one of the therapy areas taught in this program. Learn skills and terminology applicable to virtually all health care fields. Students can become certified in CPR and First Aid. College credit is also available through Lake Michigan College to qualifying students.




I like this class...

    In Allied Health everybody gets along extremely well and the information we learn will be helpful in the future.  The part of the class that I like the most was athletic training.  This is what I hope to study in college

             -Kyle, Lawton High School




I like -this class... 

I  got to learn all about the body systems and other things I will do in the workforce.  We did check-off on clinical skills and it showed that we were really learning a lot to help people that were sick or injured.  We also got college credit for the tests we took.  So it was a very good learning experience.

Kalie, Lawrence High School


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