Van Buren Technology Center

Study the Environment!


Do you like:
Working with animals?
Planting, weeding, gardening?
Learning about how food is grown?
Fishing, hunting, hiking?
Working in groups?
Working with your hands?
Science-based projects?


             Katie Wagar, Instructor

Learn and develop the leadership and teamwork skills necessary in the industry today. Students can test their skills in the FFA youth organization, plus help plan and implement community-based projects. First year students will learn about different aspects of plant science, animal science, and natural resource concepts. Second year curriculum includes learning concepts related to floral design, veterinary science, production agriculture, landscape management, wildlife management, and more!

I like this class... Ag Girls

I had the opportunity to learn about & enjoy the environment.  I am an FFA member and chapter reporter.  I get to participate in state and national conventions held by the national FFA.  My teacher is very professional and keeps us working productively… I love my class! 

Margie, Bangor High School 

I like this class...

I find sincere enjoyment in this class due to the wonderful opportunities to explore the agricultural realm with a specific focus upon animals.  The class often visits places like Michigan State University so that the students can see the various career pathways available for them.  As an individual too, I have been given the privilege of a leadership role in the planning of the class... this class is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

-Jessica, Mattawan High School

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  • Farmer
  • Landscaper
  • Florist
  • Wind Energy Specialist
  • Agricultural Agent