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Do you need to videoconference and want help from an experienced team?
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We have times that our videoconferencing equipment is not in use during the week.  The policy of the Intermediate School District is to use our equipment and facilities as many hours as possible to maximize its value.  While we need to serve the schools with classes, and field trips, we can also use this equipment to provide services to the non-profit agencies and businesses around the county to assist them in avoiding travelling to meetings, and provide other services that videoconferencing is well suited for in today's environment.  We will be available to be of service to you should you want to try out videoconferencing as an alternative to travel, or to explore a new format of communication with people in the field or remote offices.  Although it is likely that the non-profit groups would likely be prioritized, we have more than enough time in which we can still provide time to business who would like to try virtual meetings, and can make it available it may be that we can make it available to be used by businesses and organizations throughout the year.  This would be prioritized to first make it available to the non-profit and governmental agencies in Van Buren County, but we will have time available for our businesses and other groups, and we would be able to make this service available to most constituents as a way in which the Intermediate School District can provide a service to the community that supports us.  The costs we would charge would be the extra costs that we would incur as part of providing that service to you above and beyond our costs of our day-to-day operation such as if we had to have a staff person working after or before the working day or on another day.  We would reserve the right to turn down a conference based upon the nature of the material to be presented during the conference.   
We can connect with multiple sites at a time, extending from 3 up to possibly 12 sites.  There are some restrictions upon how those sites could apply that would dramatically affect those numbers change.  You would need to talk to Ric Kienbaum or Richard Johnson first before you could ever plan for your number of sites, as it would dramatically limit your sites.  Please call before planning.
The person that you would contact to discuss this during the school year would be Ric Kienbaum, the Distance Learning Coordinator.  He can be reached by phone at 269-539-5363, by email at or by fax at 269-674-8954.  During the summer months, you should contact Richard Johnson at 269-539-5227, at , or at fax number 269-674-8954.