Van Buren Technology Center

WMU Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging Scholarships

Our scholarship programs are numerous and generous! Our students received $810,000 in national and international scholarships during the last five years, amounting to an annual average of $162,000. The Paper Technology Foundation (PTF) awards merit-based scholarships ranging from $7,500 to $20,000 over nine semesters to students majoring in Paper Engineering or Paper Science. The PTF has recently started offering scholarships to Chemical Engineering majors who choose the Pulp and Paper or Pollution Prevention options and to any engineering student or science major with a minor in Paper Engineering.

Chemical Engineering majors with the Energy Management option can apply for the Armstrong Services International Scholarship after freshman year. Graphic and Printing Science (Imaging) students are eligible for numerous national and departmental scholarships that could total $16,000 or more over four years! 

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